Walking the Dales Highway

June 16th – 26th 2010

Food with Gusto June 20, 2010

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Really, I hope no-one reads this. We went for Pizza tonight, not really expecting much. We spotted Gusto in the Shambles in Settle. It only has 5 tables, and is the tiniest place you can imagine. The kitchen is open, and on the left as you go in. From here, they rustle up the best dough balls, a range of great pizzas and pastas, and even some full meal specials like a lamb roast dinner. How, I don’t know, but they do.

Front of house, is a lovely friendly chap, who clearly likes his food and beer. Suavely dressed in shorts and scruffy t-shirt, he was absolutely brilliant. A fan of Moretti lager, as is Neil, he had sourced a portable miniature cooler, and had the stuff on draft.

It is difficult to describe the place – but it was superb. Just, please, if you go, don’t tell anyone. With just 5 tables, it will be impossible to get a seat. No website, so no link – sorry. You’ll just have to find it for yourselves.


2 Responses to “Food with Gusto”

  1. Pam Says:

    Just spotted this as it has only just arrived. I thought you had steak casserole, dumplings and chips according to your tweets. Surely not pizzas and dough balls as well! Amazing.

    You’ll never grow up to be a small girl.


  2. […] meal – Gusto in Settle, for atmosphere as much as […]

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