Walking the Dales Highway

June 16th – 26th 2010

A perfect 26 hours – Day 7 Ribbleshead to Sedbergh June 22, 2010

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I’d like to say this was my favourite day, but you would all get bored by that. Instead, I’m going for my favourite 26 hrs in time.

To recap, yesterday at 6pm we were sitting on our own in the Station Inn garden, views all around, as peaceful as anything in the world. I don’t imagine they get balmy sunny evenings very often up there – but we had one. Ribbleshead viaduct looked majestic.

Good food followed by an exceptional hot chocolate and Cointreau and a surprisingly comfortable nights sleep on the water bed.

Following a full English breakfast we headed off to the viaduct. It’s an awesome sight and the knowledge of the number of people involved in building it and the number who died in the process, just goes to make it more so.

We follow the railway over the moor, under a cloudy sky with a brisk wind. This is perfect, as we are climbing for the next few miles. Views of Whernside to the left dominate.

It’s an old pack horse trail we are following and soon we are dropping steeply into Dent.

Dent is a lovely village and we were met by the first glimpses of the sun. Half way, with the rest of the walk a gentle meander along the river – so the sun is now welcome.

As we got closer to Sedbergh, the sun got stronger and warmer.

Wildlife highlights – a mother whimchat feeding its fledgling and a little deer (red or roe) oh so close up.

It was a really long walk into Sedbergh, with the last mile being pretty much up hill but through a beautiful dale.

We both really know we walked 12 miles today, but at the end, the Dalesman, a spot on place to stay. Addlestone cider, my all time favourite, a superb room, toiletries from the Sedburgh Toiletry Company, spicy Italian meatballs for dinner AND a bottle of Pinot noir prosecco for £11.95.

As I said, a perfect 26 hours in time.


3 Responses to “A perfect 26 hours – Day 7 Ribbleshead to Sedbergh”

  1. Pam Says:

    What a surprise, I didn’t know you could write such poetry. Magic. I am thrilled that you are having such a wonderful time and that you are so happy. Not sure I believe it about the water bed – but poetic license I suppose. Looking forward to tomorrow. It might even be your favourite day! Keep lucky.
    tweet tweet. xx

  2. kerry Says:

    Makes me very wistful……. sounds wonderful.

  3. […] moment – looking across Ribbleshead and the viaduct from the Station Inn […]

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