Walking the Dales Highway

June 16th – 26th 2010

The Royal Oak Appleby June 24, 2010

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It’s an expensive one – £95 for a standard room – so expectations were high. And the Royal Oak Appleby doesn’t disappoint. It is too far out of town, I didn’t check that. But the room is very big, with a huge bed, a lovely bathroom, ipod docking station, and patio doors onto a semi-private garden.

The food is good too. I am going to be very picky, but please don’t let it put you off. The food was good. We had cheesey dough balls outside in the sun. They were superb, and after that amount of walking, just what the doctor ordered.

We then shared a chorizo, sauted potato and apple salad, that was also really tasty.

For mains, we had steak. Neil a medium rare rib eye, and me, a medium sirloin. Mine came well done, and Neil’s rare. So that’s were the picky starts. Good quality steak, with lots of flavour. Just not how we wanted it. The chips too, were packet chips, not real homemade out of potato chips, and finally, when I asked for a dressing for my salad, I was told, they had run out. That may just be a little thing, but it makes a salad unenjoyable, and means that a working kitchen has no ingredients to make a simple salad dressing. I don’t believe that.

Really, don’t let it put you off – it was a good meal. Proper steak. Lots of flavour. Everything else – spot on. They just let themselves down on the detail.

We have been seriously impressed with the quality of food on this holiday, with every meal (bar the steaks in Skipton) being made of the best ingredients and cooked with care.


One Response to “The Royal Oak Appleby”

  1. Pam Says:

    I never realized that you were quite such foodies as these posts show. But I suppose you are right, when you have high expectations you are allowed to critisice.

    The hotel looks good on website, and I think you have one of the higher quality rooms. It says from £79 pounds on Thursdays.

    Hope Velvet Manchester is up to your standards. It had better be. Speak to me if you can when you get home. I will really miss this.

    Love Mumxx

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