Walking the Dales Highway

June 16th – 26th 2010

Really relaxed ramble – Day 9 Ravenstonedale to Appleby June 24, 2010

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OK so it was 15 miles, not counting the trek up to the station to see the steam train, and the long walk to the hotel. But it was a lovely, gentle, walk through English countryside today. A perfect end to a fabulous journey.

If you remember, officially we should have been staying in Newbiggin. So we had a two mile walk before we really got going. A bit trudgy along roads and would have been hard work last night. Really recommend our version.

From Newbiggin we start a 4 mile stretch over Ravenstonedale Moor. It is a lovely open moorland, lots of limestone pavements, rolling flatish hills and heather. Sunbiggin Tarn is a nice reward for your efforts and a handy view stop before the only climb of the day. Up to 470m.



It wasn’t low and it wasn’t flat – Day 8 Sedbergh to Ravenstonedale June 23, 2010

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Slightly gippy ankles and slightly gippy knees, we are choosing the soft options on this walk if they are available. So today we had the choice of a 6 mile ridge walk, which would probably have been spectacular, but rose to 750 metres, or the alternative ‘low route’.

I would be interested to know just how much we climbed. The low route went up to 500 metres anyway, and pretty much none of it was flat – constant undulations. I suspect the high route may have been easier!



A perfect 26 hours – Day 7 Ribbleshead to Sedbergh June 22, 2010

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I’d like to say this was my favourite day, but you would all get bored by that. Instead, I’m going for my favourite 26 hrs in time.



The sun beat us. Day 6 Settle to Ribbleshead June 21, 2010

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14 miles ahead of us today. Lots of route choices, including the challenging climb up to 750m to the top of Ingleborough, or the Ribblesway following the Ribble river.

We are distance people (well not even that really), not height people. We come from Bedfordshire, where it is pretty difficult to find anything resembling a hill. So we plumped for the river route.



Up, up and away – Day 5 Airton to Settle June 20, 2010

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I have said it before, I know, but this might have been my favourite day. A short stretch along the river to Malham Cove where we got to watch the rare Peregrine Falcons flying around, a massive climb to the top, then gentle incline all the way across the moor, finishing with a steep climb down to Settle with huge views. Sun shining most of the way.



Day Four: Skipton to Airton

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A bit of a trek today. The official Dales Highway goes from Skipton up to Malham, which looks like a beautiful walk. Our accommodation in Airton, meant a detour. 4 miles along the Liverpool Leeds canal, followed by 5 miles of the Pennine Way. There were some amazing views, and the last river stretch into Airton was very beautiful. But the cold wind made the rest of it seem hard work.



Perfectly placed – Ilkley to Skipton June 18, 2010

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A pretty perfect day, I’d say. A bracing stretch along the edge of Ilkley Moor with amazing views, a brief stop in the rather smart village of Addingham, finishing with the prettiest of routes into Skipton. 12 miles in all – tiring but satisfying. I wouldn’t be at all suprised if this was my favourite day.